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Tips and Ideas

Some minor tips from us.

Lighting -

Having a well-lit bathroom can be the difference between a drab and a fab bathroom. Chandeliers, dimmer switches, fan/light combos are just a few of the many ways that your bathroom lighting can be upgraded.

Leaks -

You can hear a leaky faucet, but when it comes to pipes the leak might not be obvious. Walk around the areas of your home where you know you have pipes in the walls or ceiling. Look for discoloured spots or other signs of water damage. Usually the leak is at the spot of the discoloration, but water may be traveling down the pipe before finally dripping off. Catching a leak early can save you from replacing portions of walls or ceiling when you replace the pipe. If any pipe is exposed, look for green tarnish around joints and sealed portions. If there is a green substance, it is likely that the seal you are looking at is not tight enough.

Toilets -

Toilets play an important role from a plumbing and a sanitation perspective, so they must stay in good shape. Make sure that they do not rock back and force when you push them. If they do, they need to be anchored; a moving toilet can lead to leaky or broken pipes. Also take off the top and make sure that interior parts are in working order. The plug should fit snugly in the drain at the base of the toilet and should not leak. Otherwise the interior of your toilet could have one of several basic kits. So long as the toilet is not “running” and fills and drains efficiently when flushed, you should be in the clear.