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Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is Handyman Service?
A. Handyman is a full-service repair and maintenance company specializing in taking care of everything on your "To Do" list.
• We arrive at your home on time
• No project is too small
• Our service technicians are company employees
• We guarantee our work

Q. Who is send to my house to do the work?
A. Our experienced technicians arrive at your home or business in uniform driving a clearly marked Handyman van, ON TIME, AND READY TO WORK. All of our technicians are Handyman employees, not subcontractors. Our technicians are insured. Our attention to detail in customer service and punctuality sets us apart from the rest.

Q. Will I need to have the materials in order for handyman to do the work?
A. The Handyman van is a “Hardware Store on Wheels”. We stock many common items which mean fewer trips to the supply store during our visits. If there are any materials needed for your job, you have several options:
• Purchase those materials ahead of time saving money associated with material handling/pick-up costs.
• Do the shopping for any materials not on hand while our technician is working at your home/business.
• Follow the technician to the store to pay directly for the materials giving you the advantage of the technician’s professional expertise and the use of the van to transport those materials
• Have Mr. Handyman pick up the materials for you. However, please know that if the technician gets your supplies, he is “on the clock” and this time is billed at our regular rate.

Q. What type of Warranty or satisfaction Guarantee do you offer?
A. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. You can trust Handyman’s experienced employees to repair and maintain your home or business. Handyman has one priority and that is that the service we provide is On Time and Done Right.

Q. Are your technicians bonded and insured?
A. Yes, all Handyman technicians are bonded and/or insured. At Handyman our technicians are company employees and are covered under general liability and workers' compensation insurance.

Q. Why it is important that a person who is providing services in my home is insured?
A. If the technician gets injured during the job they are covered under workers compensation. There will be no need to make a claim on your home owner’s insurance policy.

Q. How do you charge?
A. At Handyman, we charge by the hour. This way our customers are charged only for the time that we actually work.

Q. Can I get an estimate for my job? A. We at Handyman can appreciate your desire for an estimate. We have found that in the time it takes to gather multiple quotes Handyman can have the job completed. In most cases we can give you a good time estimate over the phone. When the Handyman technician arrives at your home he will review the job with you to confirm the length of time needed to complete the job and then start working on your project.

Q. How do I Pay?
A. You can either give a check/cash to the technician at the end of the job, or in most areas you can pay via credit card.